Examination Support Programme

Kpeindia & Boarding Schools Examination Support Programme.

Kpeindia, as thousands of students testify, is engaged in spotting, supporting and nurturing students aspiring to study abroad. We help in making their home, in farwaway US, UK etc. when they require us the most.

Kpeindia and MISHRA Centre will now hand hold and help students from across the land go to Best schools in India.

We say with a committed proven and matter of factly stated features

11 years in the domain in partnership with aspiring parents.

2. That 40 to 50 students succeed in getting selected through a rigouros entrance programmes may be a norm.here, but the satisfaction of making true of 50 families charge us to better yourselves year after year.

Further - Consider this - our student secures 88 plus percentage this year ( 99 per centile on Reasoning earlier) as our students create "Hall of fame" unfailingly - DS toppers in 2012 2013 2014 and now 2015

In 2015 our student cleared 4 schools ( Mayo bishop Lawrence W boys ) while last year record was 3 schools in a single season!

When parents call us to tell their children are doing exeptionally well in their schools of choice; our job is done.incidently our students are presently enrolled in all leading schools if India.

Kpeindia Advantage
- Single institute for all subjects
- Excellent hand picked mentors
- State of the art infrastructure
- Exhaustive and result oriented Study material and guidance.

Our academic module includes -
-All imp books of all subjects
-Past years' papers,
-worksheets of imp topics
- acclaimed mock tests.

Other features include -
Guidance to select school based on parental interaction / feedback.
Our students are flourishing in these leading Boarding Schools as of the present

Schools covered
The Doon School, Welham Girls, Dehra Dun, Mayo Girls, Ajmer
Mayo boys, Ajmer Woodstock School, Mussoorie
Lawrence School, Senawar
Bishop Cotton School, Shimla
St. Georges College, Mussoorie
Welham Boys, DehraDun.
Rishi Valley, Chittoor
Wyn Allen, Mussoorie

Other Works

SENIOR Final Low Res
JUNIORS Final Low Res