U.A.S. Program

Undergraduate Student
  • Knowing yourself
  • Tap into untapped potential
  • Developing a personalized plan
  • Mutual kinship
Postgraduate Student
  • Pre application assessment
  • Detailed documentation
  • Cultivating creativity
MBA Aspirants
  • Personalized Planning
  • Pre application assessment
  • Detailed documentation

University Academic Scholarships Program

The average tuition fee for a Bachelors degree in the United States is $20,000 while the total cost of education (including accommodation and meals) is $30000 upwards per year. Thus, an International education can prove to be a very expensive affair. KPE offers Indian students with scholarships whereby they can study toward a Bachelors degree (any major of study) in the United States for a total annual cost of only $5500 per year. These scholarships were previously available only to American internationals, but now Indian students can take advantage of this program through KPE.


Scholarships are awarded based upon the student’s academic potential and willingness to share ideas and experiences with other students on campus while contributing towards cultural diversity. USP works with a variety of U.S. institutions in the development of their international student base. Upon entry into the Academic Program, each USP candidate educational objectives are carefully evaluated and their profile is personally promoted within the participating institutions by our network of associates.