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 Alipt Sandhu is currently working as a sports psychologist and nutritionist with India’s best tennis and squash players. She also holds workshops with budding players and aims at instilling in them the ability to play ‘to win’ rather than play ‘not to lose’ and also to make a player realize their true potential. She has ventured into corporate training focusing primarily at learning’s from sport into the corporate world.


Her education in Psychology and work experience as a Sports Psychologist has equipped her with a strong theoretical foundation and practical knowledge about the human psyche. She has played the tennis national circuit for over 10years and was ranked as the best player in her state (Chandigarh and Punjab). Having won various AITA(All India Tennis Association) tournaments, she was ranked in the top 15 of the country and has also played various ITF(International Tennis Federation) tournaments.


Her passion for tennis has given her opportunity to travel extensively, interact with a multitude of people underdiverse conditions, hence honed her understanding of human nature and its subtle nuances. It instilled in her a spirit of competitiveness, and at the sametime the value of teamwork. Therefore it’s her endeavor to bring her experiences from sport into teaching children how they can thrive individually and get the best out of each other collectively when working in groups.

Owing to her credentials she was awarded the Best All Round Student Award (Lady Shri Ram College) by the Vice President of India. She was also awarded the Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Gold Medal for being adjudged the Best Student of Delhi University in general proficiency, character, conduct, excellence in academic performance, tennis,extracurricular activities and social service.



She feels that, be it a player choking on crucial points in a match or a child not able to speak in front of the class, mental fitness is all about 'freeing the mind so that the body can excel’.