Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Student
  • Knowing yourself
  • Tap into untapped potential
  • Developing a personalized plan
  • Mutual kinship
Postgraduate Student
  • Pre application assessment
  • Detailed documentation
  • Cultivating creativity
MBA Aspirants
  • Personalized Planning
  • Pre application assessment
  • Detailed documentation

Undergraduate student profiling


Knowing yourself


We help you be the best version of yourself. Our professionally trained panel of psychologists assist you in maximizing your strengths and managing your weakness. We walk students through a Journey of self-discovery and self-evolution.


Our passion is to ensure every student flourishes and becomes all that he is truly capable of becoming. We lead you to greater self-awareness and awakenings.


If you are a prospective applicant we coach you for right career choices. We make a customized career plan / map for every student. We want to cultivate creativity and self-confidence in all our students so that they can showcase themselves effectively.


Tap into untapped potential


We are passionate about nurturing every student so that he/ she can live upto his fullest potential. Our goal is to unlock your hidden talents, interests and special abilities.


There is a genius in every person. Essentially, the real meaning of genius is to "give birth to the joy" that is within each child. Every individual is born with that capacity. Each child comes into life with wonder, curiosity, awe, spontaneity, vitality, flexibility, and many other characteristics of a joyous being. At KPE we unravel your uniqueness and make you flower


Developing a personalized plan


By helping you proactively design your own career goals which are based on a detailed analysis of your personality, interest and aptitude we customize your educational goals. We set milestones for you to achieve at every step. We do a lot of hand holding and guide our students through every process.


Students will get inputs from our life skills experts team as well as professional counseling team on how to Taylor their résumé in order to increase their chance of admission to the college of their dream


Mutual kinship


We work closely with our students. Mentoring and coaching them as they tread their educational pursuits. We understand well that admission and applying abroad is serious business and requires constant guidance. We cater to our applicants needs at all times by providing sincere advice / suggestions. Together we lead our students to greater confidence in their profile making and career selection