MBA Aspirants

Undergraduate Student
  • Knowing yourself
  • Tap into untapped potential
  • Developing a personalized plan
  • Mutual kinship
Postgraduate Student
  • Pre application assessment
  • Detailed documentation
  • Cultivating creativity
MBA Aspirants
  • Personalized Planning
  • Pre application assessment
  • Detailed documentation

 MBA Aspirants


Personalized Planning


Career guidance and counseling needs proper planning.  Under the plan, teachers, students and parents will work together to make sure every student’s needs are met, passions are explored and goals are achieved. This means our focus is student-centered planning that’s focused on the needs, strengths and aspirations of each individual young person. Students will play an active role in designing their own education and will be increasingly accountable for their own learning success. It’s all about putting students at the centre of education. That means giving them the flexibility to make sure each student is well served by their educational program.


Pre application assessment


Through the MBTI personality testing we help the student to understand his strengths and development areas. We help the candidate in the right choice for subjects at College levels based on their personality, preferences and interests.

The report indicates the skills the children are most likely to be able to pick up easily, as well as the occupations that they might be interested in or how they would operate within their chosen occupation.



Detailed documentation


Our psychologists are trained in identifying each student’s specific admission needs and requirements.


We walk you through the following:

·         Course selection

·         University selection

·         Application overview

·         Teacher’s letters of recommendations

·         Admission essays and supplements

·         Interview training

·         Visa guidance and counseling

·         Pre-departure counseling